Volunteers Return to Jersey Shore For Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Efforts

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October 30, 2014 is the first day after the second anniversary of the hurricane and the launch date for Jersey Shore Volunteers Challenge, an opportunity for volunteers traveling for a purpose, to use social media tools as they compete in teams. Each team will contribute toward the rebuilding of homes devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Jersey Shore Volunteers is determined to encourage rebuilding with Monmouth County Long-Term Recovery Group. In a challenge called Jersey Shore Volunteers, one team will be awarded free participation a $3500 prize.

It has been two years since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Eastern Shore of the United States. Since that time thousands of families have yet to restore their houses and move home. To advance these efforts, the State of New Jersey is about to open its first temporary lodging facility for volunteers. Monmouth County has formed a unique partnership called the Monmouth County Long-term Recovery Group (MCLTRG.org), which will provide the housing for volunteers at Camp Evans, and the MCLTRG will identify and assist New Jersey homeowners in rebuilding and returning to the new normal. Camp Evans in Wall Township, New Jersey, will initially house up to 150 volunteers overnight. MCLTRG is working with community nonprofit organizations to deliver volunteers whose assistance will bridge the gaps and shortfalls in resources after grants and insurance. Traveltelevision has begun a partnership with MCLTRG.org to bring volunteers to the facility and provide media training, skills and support. Follow stories at social media sites youtube, facebook, vine, instagram and others at Jersey Shore Volunteers.

The goal is to help families still left homeless or in limbo after Hurricane Sandy and to raise funds for the participating nonprofit organization or group who form teams. Teams of 10 will travel from Baltimore, Maryland to Wall Township, New Jersey and stay at MCLTRG temporary housing facility Friday and Saturday evenings in the Spring of 2015 while volunteering for Hurricane Sandy relief projects supervised by nonprofit organizations operating in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

The Jersey Shore volunteer challenge will generate social media awareness for teams, and the winner will be determined by the most volunteer sign-ups for the MCLTRG volunteer facility generated by the team.

The winning team will determine the MCLTRG affiliate organization or homeowner who will receive $1000 on their behalf. The first round is free and open to all participants. The winner of the best short video contest will be awarded free participation for one team of 10 volunteers. An additional 47 teams can qualify in round 1.

The theme of Traveltelevision segments is “Travel For A Purpose,” the foundation of Humanity TV, a Maryland-based 501(c)(3) corporation encouraging volunteerism around the globe. Humanity TV connects volunteers with non-profits, corporations, and local, state, and federal governments by highlighting volunteer stories such as those working on Hurricane Sandy efforts.

Traveltelevision is a unique TV program and website focusing on travel for a purpose programming. Volunteers from around the corner and across the globe are highlighted in monthly episodes with stories about volunteer experiences. Traveltelevision.org is a magazine-format series that covers the travel marketplace with news about special events, travel tips, and information. We interview travel writers, personalities, and other professionals who share their expertise and experience. Natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy create an urgent and ongoing need for volunteers.